Monday, 4 June 2018


Had a lovely chat with a guy who wanted to take me for a walk round a quiet town far from home. I had to choose the outfit so this is what I picked.
This jacket and skirt
this blouse and some 3 inch heels, clutch bag and hooped earings and of course these lips...

Monday, 28 May 2018

What I love about crossdressing

I posted this on the tvchix forum, thought I would post it here as well.

I want to talk about something so thought I would say it here. I am a crossdresser, that is to say I enjoy wearing womens clothes, it make me feel good, hot, horny, sexy. I've been doing it since puberty and although married with kids never told my wife. When I get the chance (and these days its not often) I dress and usually end up making a sticky mess.

Even when not dressed I look at clothes (on the TV, out and about, shops and magazines) always thinking what they would be like to wear the clothes. I have a pinterest account with loads of pictues of great outfits and a tumblr account as well. I love chatting to guys and acting the girl, I want to please them (sexually) so consider myself a closet bi-sexual though never been with another man (yet). I am quite submissive and enjoy all sorts of humiliation when it comes to being a sissy-man.

Thats me, hope you get the picture, but what I love when chatting, emailing etc is to be shown what I should wear, what someone thinks I should put on that would make me attractive to them. If a guy shows me a link to some shoes I get so horny, if he says "when we date you should wear this dress" I get so wet. Do others feel the same as me? I'd love to read more captioned images with that sort of feel and stories as well, its the clothes part not the sex part that really turns me on!

Wow, I spilled my mind out on the page, sorry!

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Well I did it and had a great time. I stopped at Biggleswade for petrol then pulled up in Sainsbury's carpark. It was quite busy but I put my bra half on before whipping my top off and then pulling it up, then I quickly got my blouse on and fumbled with all the buttons. Once I had it on I felt great and did not worry who was looking. I clipped my hoop earings on then got back on the road. Just feeling the swing of the earings made me feel extra girly. Lots of traffic so I took the stationary time to stuff my bra and gave myself a nice c cup. Was fun when I pulled up next to a person in the passenger seat and they looked across!

Then I decided to put on my lippy, the lorry driver behind was amused I am sure! I did not do a great job but the smell and taste was so erotic. Glancing in the mirror I could see a cute girl (to my eyes!)

I banged on my girly mix tape and enjoyed all the sensations to Grantham. Loved how the seat belt split my boobs.

On arrival at Downtown I parked on the far side, it was quiet as was shutting in 5 minutes, it was also raining a bit. I took my shoes off and put my heels on then got out of the card, heart racing I can tell you, and got my wifes dark pink waterproof jacket out of the boot. I slipped it on and casually walked over to the doors. I did not do the jacket up as wanted to show off my bumps. I walked along the side of the shop and checked my reflection in the window and with my hair parted I did look like a woman, vaguely. I had already passed a few people and nobody was interested so I walked into Downtown and looked at the list of what was where as i wanted to use the ATM. I walked further into the store and scanned the shop, a couple of assistants looked over but no reaction. Then I strolled back out feeling great!

After looking in the window again with one hand in my back pocket to keep the coat out of the way I stopped to have a smoke. I sat on a bench and crossed my legs and watched more cars leaving then walked back to my car. I felt so happy and before I knew it I had produced the pearls I had not worn.

Then there was the way back......

Monday, 23 April 2018


Tomorrow I am driving up the A1 from Stevenage to Newark on my own so I thought well maybe I should spice it up a bit! So I have packed a girly outfit and my plan is to stop for petrol early on and while in the car park change into a bra and blouse and my hoop earrings then drive until I get to the sex shop (Pulse and cocktails) maybe pop in there or carry on to Grantham services and downtown shopping which might be closed by then but my plan is to put my heels on with my jeans and take a break. Its not like going out fully dressed but it will be quite exciting for me!

After that change back to normality......then on Wednesday afternoon I will be driving back so stop at services and do a complete change with stockings and skirt, lippy and maybe my wig and stroll around a bit or drive back to nearer home then change again.

Maybe I will get some pics on my phone, if so I will post them. At the very least I will show what I wore. Wish me luck!
Janine xx

Monday, 26 February 2018

After he has had his fun

You kneel on the bed, your shallow breath fighting against the tightness of the bra and satin top of the pretty dress you are wearing. You can feel the air around your naked bum, the pull of the stocking straps and the pretty pink heels you choose to go with the sissy girl outfit. Its so embarrassing to wear something like that and let a man actually cum inside you, you are such a faggot, not a man anymore and never to be a woman. You can feel the cum cooling inside you locked in with the plug that he pushed in as he left. The cam is still on, he will be watching so no moving until he calls.

Sunday, 28 January 2018


When I get a chance to suck a cock I want to take the full length, suck his sack and lick that helmet.

cdcutey sucks cock

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Its that time of year when there are lists and top tens for so many things so I thought I might do my top 10 things I would like for Christmas. Fingers crossed some nice Santa will give me at least some of these! Love to hear your thoughts, what do you have on your list?

A new coat
A sexy party frock
A jewelled pussy plug
This looks like lots of fun!
A waist trainer should give me a more girly figure.
Red heels, these look hot!
For when its wet out
New panties, hopefully get the whole set!

Something to suck on.
A nice creamy treat
And finally make a girl out of me...

Hope you enjoyed, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Janine xx