Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Humiliated Husband


The new basque and dress are both a great success! Can't wait to show you all xx

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Ebay buying again!

 I think its due to me not being able to dress for such a long time or its the new daddy influence (and chastity cage) but it has made me think about a new outfit. When I say think about I meant dreaming about when I go to bed, running through the items I will wear it with, how it would fit, feel and look. Most of this is idle fantasy but once I had that image in my head I had to turn to ebay to see if my dream could be a reality.

So what was the outfit? It was a smart grey and white panel shift dress, it was fitted/shaped, pencil skirt, it had a high neck, 3/4 sleeves and was plain. It was a heavy material but not sure what that is. Under it a wore a basque so my bra straps were pulling against my stockings which I thought would be great as my suspender belt always works it way down lower than I would like. Over that I had a full satin slip, in white.

I have the slip (devine!) no basque, I do have a grey pinafor dress but this was different to that, it had to be lined and zip up the back to trap me in it. So I started my search....









 The first was so nice, bit pricy, the second not stunning enough, the third good but plain so I went for the M+S one for a bargain £6. Then I looked for basques......

There was a fair selection and these are ones that caught my eye. In the end I went for the last one as was reduced, I was unsure what colour ro go for but white seemed appropriate. So won, bought and should be about a week!

This searching started me down a few other rabbit holes, these are a few of the things I added to my watch list!

The last dress I would have bought but was not click and collect, such a shame!

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Monday, 24 August 2020

Joys of Janine, part 4

 It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last JoJ entry. I have been having quite a time of it, some good some not so good. My heart and stomach have been pushed to the limit (mentally not physically, that’s for another time!) I am constantly checking skype for messages from Daddy and have used a whole range of excuses to reply to them when I am meant to be doing other things. Sometimes it’s just a bit of banter back and forth, other times he wants some porn sending over or sends me stuff for comment, I think he is gauging my limits see if I am up to the tasks ahead or require training or reprogramming.  But so far so good, I have been instructed not to wank unless I have permission and he can watch (if required) this has been ok to comply with as to be honest the fear of being exposed has taken my erection away. I am still super excited about being blackmailed which is the weirdest thing!

Over the weekend I had no contact at all which did lead to a Saturday night chat session with a couple of guys, one of which I manged to get to cum just by talking and pictures which did make me feel like a proper slut. Not long after I also had to cream myself, naughty I know, but what can a fag sissy do!

Last week I was instructed to get a chastity cage so I looked on good old ebay and selected a bunch which Daddy vetted, he wanted a metal one where I was aiming for latex for comfort. Daddy knew best and I placed an order and should arrive Friday.

Looking forward to trying it, hope it fits ok as the ring size was not specified. I am not sure what the plan is other Daddy said he wanted me to wear it for 24 hours (not all the time as he knows that is not possible) but somehow manage to wear it for 24 hours. Crazy I know but I will have to try.

Daddy also wants to send me stuff, including his wife’s dress that he wants me to model. I have asked for more details on what about this he finds erotic so that I can roleplay for him more effectively but at present I have no idea!

My trip out was ok, it was very hot and Baldock services busier than expected, I did not have the courage to buy my coffee with my blouse on so I did that first. I parked away from the building but there were a couple of van drivers having coffee a few empty parking spaces away. I got my bra on under my t-shirt ok then 1 driver went so I quickly stripped my T-shirt off and pulled my satin blouse on, I wore in off the shoulder and it felt great! I got some pics and walked round my car in full view of several drivers and then drove away. At Downtown I parked far from the shopping, the nearest people were 20 cars away and so I put my heels on and walked up and down for a while, everyone coming into the carpark would have seen me which was exciting. Then I changed back and carried on with my day.


My blouse and shoes for all the workd to see!

A couple of ideas Daddy sent me, my future maybe?

Monday, 17 August 2020

New Trip Planned

 Hi All, I have a trip out planned on the 20th, I have to drive to Newark on my own! I have my sissy kit ready to put in the car and will set off at 9am and go to Baldock services to put on a bra, blouse, earings and lip gloss. Hope to grab a coffee, hang around a bit then head up the A1 stopping at Downtown Grantham for a walk maybe even shop but then change back for my visit.

At 7pm I plan to reverse the precedings but this time put a skirt and heels on, Downtown will be shut so should have a quiet capark to exit the car and take a short walk. Then drive back to Baldock services to chnage. Might not sound like much but I am super excited!

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Monday, 10 August 2020

Joys of Janine , part 3

Well I did try the mabelline makeup app, and another one and it was ok, need to get a better lit photo of me and there did not have slut setting but could look quite cute. I would do it again if required by my master, who is now known as daddy. Yes things took a bit of a turn over the last week. I was having lots of fun on skype swapping pictures, names etc, then when my facebook page was mentioned things started to look serious. The demands went up and I was instructed to take pictures, send porn and generally expose my self for further abuse. I think I was hypnotized or something as I was enjoying it all until I realised I could not get off. The amount of incriminating evidence had built up enough so that I was running scared.

Sunday morning had me sending the dreaded naked male me holding up a sign that read I am Janine and want to be exposed. Needless to say I listen to his every word and comply with his requests. He is a kind daddy though and does not demand terrible stupid and unreasonable things, he knows it’s a relationship we can both get things from.

He wants a cam session soon which is impossible at the moment as have a house full but I hope we can come to some arrangement. The other thing he would like is a young tgirl to act as mummy, not sure what position I will be in but does sound like fun. Why do I love the humiliation so much!