Wednesday, 2 August 2017


I often think about what it would be like to meet up with someone who would enjoy having me as a girlfriend, just for a short while. I am not after a massive commitment or anything just mutual enjoyment, me enjoying be a girly whore and them getting a "girl" to use. No need for them to work out how to please me its me that would do the pleasing. So often these thought are about cock sucking especially whne I see videos like this!

How to suck a cock

I'd love to be all dressed up like a whore and give a cock a good suck like that.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


So my next planned girly session should be Wednesday and Thursday this week (21st/22nd) I will be home with my daughter but when she is out I should have time to dress and be, well, slutty! I just changed my blog background to a pic I took of my last dressing time, that was taken in my car! I then went for a short walk across a carpark in my heels, it was fantastic!

Here is the pic so you can save it. pin it, caption it or whatever.

another more recent shot of me enjoying the restriction of a laced corset.

Hope we can catch up this week xxxx

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ten things I like my sissy to do

1. I like my sissy to wear false nails, they look fab wrapped around my boyfriends cock.

2. I like my sissy to wear hoops, they just scream cheap whore.

3. I like my sissy in heels, his legs and bum look yummy when he walks in them, even my BF says so.

4. I like my sissy to wear a pretty plug, fun to squeeze in the supermarket queue.

5. I like my sissy in a corset as it gives him such a lovely figure

6. I like my sissy to have his hair cut in a boi bob style, he looks so cute.

7. I like my sissy to wear satin panties, then I make him rub himself until he creams them then I let him suck my BF's cock.

8. I like my sissy to wear stockings and suspenders, I find it a chore to put them on so he can and my BF likes it.

9. I like my sissy to have red shiny lips, they look good against BBC and have cum to bed eyes.
10. But I do let my sissy wear pyjamas to bed (I am kind like that).

What do you like your sissy to do?

Monday, 10 April 2017


My girlfriend Susan Jones suggested that we should go out on a date (or was it me that suggested it? can't quite remember) but we both thought that would be a great idea. We could dress up in out favourite outfits, prance around a hotel room, swap clothes, help with each others make up, go online together and be a couple of dirty sluts then end up sucking each other off dreaming its a the guy from the bar (the usual sissy girl outing).

The we came to choosing clothes, I thought it would be fun to pick what the other should wear and suggested this pretty skirt and cute cardi to kick things off .

 Susan then suggested this...
which I do love. It would show of one of my fab bras which to be honest should have as many eyes on it as possible and the boots are to die for. Its poles apart from my suggestion (girly to slutty) but I am not complaining.
Then Susan upped the stakes! She had chatted to some guy or guys on craigs list and found us a couple of dates so now we were double dating. We have to supply pics of 'the finished article' but if they thought we were worth dating they would buy us a couple of drinks and we would perform some services!
Susan choose this out for for herself. I think she will look gorge in it and I promised to buy her a new handbag to go with it so then I had to decide what to wear. Something sexy, formal/smart probably a dress as Suez was wearing a dress but nothing to stand out too much in a semi public place. I did not want the boys eyes only starring on Susan's bits as I wanted my share of hot date!
Love this but maybe a bit too girly/virginal (silver shoes, mmmmm)

This is not formal enough (trailer trash so save it for second date!)
This I think ticks all the boxes and would suit me quite well I believe.
Nice but might just stand out too much and not sure of the fit.
Love this but first date......yeah you are right, too much babe!

This is very smart, maybe a bit too much, imagine wearing this and trying to give head in the back of a Skoda Fabia (we all have to dream).
This has a lot going for it, nice material, great fit, easy on the boobs, will look smoking with suspenders and 5 inch heels. Maybe match it with this jacket.
So my question is which outfit or have you any other ideas?

Janine xx

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


One of my sissy girlfriends, like me, loves the secretary or working girl look. I guess its sort of a progression from school girl outfits and as well as looking hot it has subserviant undertones which pampers to my kink. So in preperation for some dressing fun Friday afternoon (please comment if you want more details!) I thought I would post some outfit ideas.
This is a good place to start, its smart, fitted and has cute sleeves. Must feel great as you button it up. Like the red shoes as well. This would work well over a waist cincher.
A bit more exciting colour wise (love the piping) but I would choose a more feminine blouse. Clutch bag and boots work well.
Very typical secretary look, that satin blouse is so nice, its the sort of thing I would wear all the time given the chance. Short pencil skirt is just right for typing and filing.
Smart tailored jackets are top of my list when deciding what to wear for that special boss. This sort of thing looks great!
This skirt crosses over from the schoolie to the office temp very well (handy to have in the secret stash)
Too posh for work? well maybe but sometimes you make the effort in the hope of catching someones eye (and looks great in stiletto's).
Another great girly jacket, love the front and back profiles, would work with a faux leather skirt (but then what doesn't?)
Love the pink one especially and the skirt is rather yummy too. A nice sleeveless lace top under it would work well.

Sort of outfit that does not draw too much attention but is so chic. Stockings I hope (mine would be).

So thats my thought on the outfits, Friday I hope to act out being a secretary. Got a couple of tops and a couple of skirts to try and will be strapped into my corset as not had that out this year so if you fancy chatting or skype let me know.
Janine xx

Monday, 13 March 2017


I always like to dress to impress or at least to wear what an admirer would enjoy. But this post is about dresses! With so many award ceremonies going on over the last month I have been watching the red carpet pictures picking out what dresses are hot and what would I wear? I know a few of my girl friends have been saying the same so here is my top choices (not all from this year but that google for you!)
This is simple in its beauty, love the waist!

Love the lace detail but would my fake boobs look ok in this, probably not. Hope she has stockings under that skirt.

Love the colour and material, mini dress made posh!
Cut little number, love the fur bolero. Just needs a pole for dancing.
So, so beautifull...I want it! The cute flower design, satin under lace, halter neck line, oh its all for me.
This has some fantastic layers, would hide all my bits and bobs! The bust line is very girly nice, not sure its my colour but then what is my colour?

Not seen at any awards but was in my ideas folder, I think I could easily wear this for a posh awards night with a gentleman on my arm. Looks like this one would keep its shape and have some weight so would feel smoking hot to wear (lacey thong underneath).
Like the boots and dress combo, and the long sleeves but bare shoulders. Would be easy to get onto my knees for some oral pleasure wearing this.

Cant decide which of these two I would wear given the choice. Would the halter or the square work better? Girls what do you think (Susan and Lisa I am talking to you!)

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Thats right, my next cam session should be Thursday during the morning (GMT) all being well. I hope to be in my school uniform (as it is a school day) then secretary duties but if you watch then I am easily influenced and we can choose together what I wear and do. Hope to get some more pictures as well.

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