Monday, 10 April 2017


My girlfriend Susan Jones suggested that we should go out on a date (or was it me that suggested it? can't quite remember) but we both thought that would be a great idea. We could dress up in out favourite outfits, prance around a hotel room, swap clothes, help with each others make up, go online together and be a couple of dirty sluts then end up sucking each other off dreaming its a the guy from the bar (the usual sissy girl outing).

The we came to choosing clothes, I thought it would be fun to pick what the other should wear and suggested this pretty skirt and cute cardi to kick things off .

 Susan then suggested this...
which I do love. It would show of one of my fab bras which to be honest should have as many eyes on it as possible and the boots are to die for. Its poles apart from my suggestion (girly to slutty) but I am not complaining.
Then Susan upped the stakes! She had chatted to some guy or guys on craigs list and found us a couple of dates so now we were double dating. We have to supply pics of 'the finished article' but if they thought we were worth dating they would buy us a couple of drinks and we would perform some services!
Susan choose this out for for herself. I think she will look gorge in it and I promised to buy her a new handbag to go with it so then I had to decide what to wear. Something sexy, formal/smart probably a dress as Suez was wearing a dress but nothing to stand out too much in a semi public place. I did not want the boys eyes only starring on Susan's bits as I wanted my share of hot date!
Love this but maybe a bit too girly/virginal (silver shoes, mmmmm)

This is not formal enough (trailer trash so save it for second date!)
This I think ticks all the boxes and would suit me quite well I believe.
Nice but might just stand out too much and not sure of the fit.
Love this but first date......yeah you are right, too much babe!

This is very smart, maybe a bit too much, imagine wearing this and trying to give head in the back of a Skoda Fabia (we all have to dream).
This has a lot going for it, nice material, great fit, easy on the boobs, will look smoking with suspenders and 5 inch heels. Maybe match it with this jacket.
So my question is which outfit or have you any other ideas?

Janine xx


SJcrossdress said...

I love this post so much!!

The purple dress is so hot and totally you!

CD Janine said...

Thanks babe, glad you enjoyed. Love that dress as well! xx

Anonymous said...

That first frilly white skirt, the shiny satin floral one, and that short pink number would be my choices! A three day weekend, hee? hug, ~sara

vc said...

I believe a little black rubber dress would set the mood.